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Latest News & Trail Reports

Important Notes:

  • Trails for the 2023/2024 season will open December 16th, snow permitting. TMAs are on sale at the VAST site starting Oct 1. Prices are best if purchased by December 15th. 

  • When you buy a TMA, you can join our club, and other clubs, supporting where you ride.

  • There are options to buy membership only, without a trail pass if that's what suits you.

  • Ride for $25 weekend is Jan 26-28, 2024. Details on VAST's site. 

  • Note that the Darcy Trail (feeder trail from 127A to car route 103) is closed. Restaurants in that area are closed due to flood damage. There are also washouts on the trail.

  • Calcutta's Restaurant, Corridor 127A WR84, is on the Ludlow trail. Gas is available there.

As always, THANK YOU Volunteers, Club Members, Land Owners & Friends for all you do!
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