This year, more than ever, we need your help.  We purchased a new groomer in 2019 and due to all the Covid restrictions our recent fundraising events have been canceled. We are grateful for any amount you can donate.  You are very important to snowmobiling in Ludlow.

A Mini Quiz!


What does $289,000 get yah?

Amazing trails, flat straights and nice corners…!

(yes, groomers cost that much!)


How do we get them?

With a new Groomer!

(and of course, with the amazing volunteers that groom them every week!)


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A group endeavor

Our club realizes that all clubs need to work together to keep this sport alive.  We are one of the bigger clubs.  By upgrading our groomer, we are selling an affordable groomer that was well maintained to a smaller club with less fund raising capabilities. It benefits everyone.  Ain't snowmobiling a whole lot more fun when every town across Vermont can groom?

How will we pay for it?

By the club fund raising, savings and a loan! 

But with no money from VAST!

It is all on us $…and we need help!


Please donate if you can!

Any amount appreciated!

MAIL check payable:

Side Hill Cronchers

P.O. Box 222

Ludlow, VT 05149


Or donate below!

Thank you!


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