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TMAs & Membership

What is a TMA?

A TMA is a trail pass (Trail Maintenance Assessment) that allows you to ride all VAST trails across the state of Vermont.  You're gonna need one of these for each sled if you want to ride the sweet trails of Vermont.

What is VAST?

VAST = Vermont Association of Snow Travelers

It is the umbrella state-wide club that all of the local clubs are part of.  Go to for more info.


What is a local club?

There is basically one club per town.  Each local club is responsible for the trails in their area.  All of the local trails systems connect and allow you to ride all over the whole state of Vermont.  Clubs are run by volunteers.


When you buy a TMA, you also need to buy a membership to a local snowmobile club (like us!) and to the county club (Windsor in our case).  Each sled needs a membership.  Membership $ goes directly towards maintaining trails.  We are all volunteers but it still takes a lot of $ to keep the trails groomed and maintained. Membership fees are $35 for every club. In the past, each club could set their own price and it would vary but since all TMAs are now bought through the VAST website, membership fees were standardized.

Membership without TMA

If you do not have a sled and simply want to just be a member of our club, you can join by going on VAST's site and just getting a membership without a TMA. Note: without a TMA your sled is not allowed on the trails.

How to Buy a TMA



Click here for answers -> TMA FAQ

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