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20210821 Thank Your Party for Rick & Cindy

Rick & Cindy Yuris have been our original Hut Masters since the Warming Hut was born. They've graciously hosted it all of these years but sadly it is time for them to move on. We were lucky to have them host the Hut for all of these years stocking it with hot cocoa, putting on a warm fire and chatting with Hut patrons. The end of an era for sure. Not only did they host the Hut, they also were our original web masters and organized many club events, held meetings in their home and so much more. On Saturday, 8/22/2021, we held a party for them to thank them for all of their hard work. Thanks to all who attended and helped out! You've helped to make the event special! Thank you so much, Rick & Cindy! Best of luck on your next chapter. Stay in touch!

(Sorry if you didn't make it into one of the pics, looks like I missed a few of you but you definitely were important!)

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