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June 21, 2024 Croncher Golf Tournament Fundraiser

On June 21, 2024, we hosted our annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser. What a great day it was! Thank you, Killarney's Irish Pub for opening up the festivities Thursday night and thank you, Fox Run and Calcutta's for hosting us on Friday for golf and lunch and music. Everything was perfect! Also perfect was all the support we got with the players, volunteers and many sponsors. We even sold out once again! Thank you for making the magic happen. Even the rain somehow stayed away all day.

Best of all was that the tournament was dedicated to the Ellison Family. The Ellisons have done SO MUCH for our club and for our sport since even before the inception of the Side Hill Cronchers. The Ellison family has given us over 50 years of volunteerism, through multiple generations, to our club. Two of them, Pat and Jim, were part of our founding members helping to bring snowmobiling to Ludlow as we know it today. Two of their sons, Randy and Bernie, are still active members doing everything from grooming, to trails to fundraising and more. Thank you, Ellisons! Check out the pictures below of the tournament! Click on them to see the full picture.

Sponsors & Winners! Thank you and Congratulations!

Photos mostly from Patty Companik

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