Some Common Questions have been coming up. Here's your answer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as per Beth from VAST.


NOTE: 1 & 2 apply to Early Bird TMAs which are sold until December 15th.

1. Why only 2@time? You can only buy TWO TMAs at a time in one credit/debit card or e-check purchase (Why? Because for folks buying 3+ TMAs, Family Rate is only applied AFTER your first two Early Bird TMAs are purchased)

2. Where is my Family Rate Temporary TMA? Family Rate Temporary TMAs via emails are sent 24 hours after your purchase. (Why? Because we need to verify that the addresses on your uploaded state DMV/ORV registrations match)


3. DMV Issue? Did DMV not register your sled yet due to COVID? That's OK!!! Just upload your appointment or renewal or temporary if you renewed online.

4. No VIN yet? Did you order a sled and you don't have the VIN yet? That's OK! Just upload your purchase order in the registration upload portion of the form and write "PENDING" on the VIN # and Reg# lines in the forms.

5. Where to Buy a TMA?

6. Where is My Sticker?

  • TMA STICKER MAIL DELAYS. YOU MUST USE YOUR EMAILED TEMP TMA TO RIDE until your real sticker gets shipped in February.