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Sep 27, 2023 Bruce's Award Ceremony

As many of you know, VAST (Vermont Assocation of Snow Travelers) is a state-wide snowmobile club which encompasses all of the town-level clubs. Once a year, VAST gives awards to some of the exceptional volunteers. Bruce Ingerson could not make it to the VAST annual meeting earlier in September to receive his award, so we went to him. On Tuesday afternoon, September 27th, his local club, the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers, hosted a lunch to honor Bruce for all he has done for us, and for neighboring clubs, for more than 20 years. We want to thank him for being an integral part of our club doing lots of hard work and for being an endless source of knowledge. The event was well attended with friends from multiple clubs. Many thanks to all who helped to make the afternoon a success: Matt Tetrault for coming down from VAST to present the award; the Ludlow Senior Center for letting us use their perfectly set up space; all who attended and celebrated Bruce with us; the great sandwiches and salads from Singleton's Store; the mega delicious cupcakes from Whitney and Parker Ave Confectionery; and the Vermont Journal for taking photos. It all pulled together in a special way for a special person.

Here is the write-up that Matt read:



This award recognizes someone who has been dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling for many years. 

He has actively participated in two clubs in his area. Known for being a knowledge source in all topics related to snowmobiling. He has held several officer positions – and participated on committees – and supports club fundraisers. Even with his health issues – he still attends club meetings on a regular basis. 

He has spent countless hours working on the trails and working with landowners. When a trail closure happens – he steps up to help the club plan the reroute. Knowing so much about the trails and the associated landowners – he always helps the club find a solution. 

He doesn’t see his contributions as award worthy – and deflects the attention to others who he says are more deserving. He has given his time and energy with no thoughts about being recognized for doing so. 

What is the definition of a dedicated volunteer: a person who does something, especially helping other people – willingly – and without being paid. We think we found that person to recognize today. 


This year’s DEDICATION award goes to Bruce Ingerson from the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers of Windsor County.

Pics from Bruce's Award Ceremony Lunch

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