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06-02-2024 - Member Spotlight -One Family With Over 50 Years of Croncher Membership

A fun history fact for our club. We are proud to have a multiple generations of a family in our club, the Ellison Family. Combined they have over 50+ years of volunteer time! Jim and Pat Ellison were part of the founding members of the Side Hill Cronchers and were instrumental in bringing official snowmobile trails to Ludlow. In fact, Pat is on the Directors listed when the Side Hill Cronchers were incorporated on March 23, 1972. Pat and Jim are gone now, and some of the Ellison brothers have moved, but two of their sons, Bernie and Randy, carry on the tradition and continue to be active members of our club to this day. The Ellisons have put in countless hours of volunteer work from being part of the pioneeringj of Ludlow snowmobiling, naming the club, to grooming, to fund raising to trail work to you name it. Randy had this article from 1983 interviewing Pat. It was so cool we had to share it. Reading the article, it's amazing how, 40 years after the article, things are actually a lot the same. The left picture has Bernie's kids, Shawn and Julie. The picture on the right shows Bernie, Randy, Jim and Scott (another brother). Other brothers (not shown) have volunteered as well.

Color version of one of the photos in the article....

Jim Ellison pulling logs with his snowmobile.

Good stuff! Thank you Ellison Family for doing so much for us for over 50+ years!

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