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05-04-2024 - Cronchers Join Up Vermont Green Up Day

Great day! A bunch of us Cronchers joined in the Vermont Green Up Day activities. The town of Ludlow, VT did a great job hosting the town's cleanup. They set us up with gloves, t-shirts, grabber sticks, garbage bags and, best of all, donuts! And off we went. We cleaned up loads of garbage at Pinnacle Rock and on the access trail to it. There was all sorts of objects, including a bunch of tires. It's private property so we doubly want to make sure we respect this property. We can lose that treasure very easily. After that, we did a couple other local roads then went back down into town for the BBQ hosted by the town. The BBQ was overflowing with delicious food. The burgers, hot dogs and sausages were flying off the grill! We appreciate all the hard work all the volunteers across town put in today (including non-Cronchers). Thank you!

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