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03-28-2024 - Trails Close Friday EOD

And that's a wrap! With the rain these past couple of days we lost a lot of snow on the trails so, unfortunately, we have to close the trails end of day Friday. The ground is just too muddy. This looks like it could be "it" for the season. Hope you got to get out and enjoy our trails this season, even if just for a little while.

BIG Thank You to all who make the season come together! We truly appreciate it! Special thanks to the landowners, volunteers, sponsors, friends, businesses, other clubs and VAST who support us. It was an especially challenging year getting things going with the July flood (and re-flood in December) but somehow we all came together to get it together. Not to mention the generosity of the landowners is simply amazing.

Next season will be even better with hopefully more of the flood damage repaired. (And hopefully more snow). We have some big projects coming up so stay tuned for trail work days. As they say, "it takes a village," so any time you can give would be immensely helpful.

The fun doesn't stop just because it gets warm out. Our annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser is going to be on Friday, June 21 at Fox Run Golf Course. Save the date! Signups will start in May so check back then for more info on how to join in the fun and/or be a sponsor.

Thank you for being part of our club!

~Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers

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