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02/27/20- Trail Report

Where'd that 5-8" we were supposed to get go? :/ It rain/snowed this morning and has been flurrying on/off all day. Maybe we got about 1" of slushy snow and now temps are dropping and making it more frozen. The prior few days have been a bit warm and we lost a bunch of snow. Some areas were down to dirt and had running water. This little bit of slush snow did help a tiny bit but trails are definitely thin, especially in town. Riding will not be that great this weekend but trails are still open for the diehards. With the warmer weather coming in the forecast, who knows how much longer we have. If you do go out, tread lightly since the ground is soft and we don't want the rip up landowner property. Grooming is on hold for now except maybe for the Okemo side. Will let you know if that happens. Wish I had better news! Think snow!

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