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Trails Closing Saturday, 3/30/19

UPDATE 3/29/19 PM: CLOSING ON SATURDAY....Unfortunately, the season is ending even a day sooner. Today's warm weather took a big hit on the trails and we need to close on Saturday instead of Sunday. We tried to squeak out another day but the lower elevations just are bare. Hope you enjoyed the Ludlow trails! Thanks again for being a part of us!

Original post:

Sadly, the season is coming to an end. With the warm weather and rain this weekend we will start closing gates Sunday afternoon. With that, if you do go out this weekend, please tread lightly in areas of low snow and bare spots. Going into low elevations, such as 127 in town, is not recommended. You are much better off staying in higher elevations and in the woods. Use your best judgement and respect landowner property. There are closures in neighboring towns as well so please look at to see where you can and cannot go.

It has been a great season! Hope you all enjoyed the Ludlow trails!

Thank you to the groomer operators for giving us such excellent trails! You guys really gave it your all this year and it showed. Special "Thank You" to the landowners for allowing us to ride on your property. We truly enjoy and appreciate it! Last, but not least, thank you to the volunteers, businesses, club members and friends who supported us this year. Each one of you are an important part of the team that makes each season happen. Love when you reach out and share your comments and pictures. :)

I know it's a bummer when the season is over... don't fret ... you can see your buddies at the Golf Tournament coming up on Friday, June 28th. Will be sending info soon!

Cheers to a great season!

Again, thanks to ALL for making the magic happen each season!


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