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Trail Report, Tuesday, 3/11

Ludlow Trail Report for Tuesday, 3/11 - Rich was out grooming North Hill last night. We got a little bit of snow.. 1-2". On Sunday we got maybe 5'ish inches with a little freezing rain on top. Now it's starting to get a little slushy out there as temps are getting warm. Bernie will be grooming Okemo today. Weather will determine what happens next. Listen to Rich's video to get all the details! (Hopefully the video works for you... it's from Facebook). Thanks, Rich & Bernie!

Please slow down on the trails. Too many accidents lately. We all want to get home safely. Also, more garbage on trails than usual. You wouldn't want people just dumping trash on your property.... show the same respect to our landowners and we will ride the trails for a long time. Don't want to sound preachy but it is a fragile sport. Thanks!

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