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Trail Report, Sunday, 1/27/19

Update 11:30 a.m: Bernie actually did the whole loop (whoot!, thanks Bernie!). He said that Rich did an excellent job over in the Healdville area taking care of the washout and some water issues. Still take it slow through there but you should be able to get through. With the expected snow this week, the groomers will have more to work with and can improve it even more. It's snowing right now... probably will get an inch or two.

Bernie went out grooming North Hill last night. Thanks, Bernie! Trails are in decent-ish shape considering all of the rain we got during the week. Please take it easy, though, because you may encounter icy and thin spots, especially in exposed areas. There are also a few water bars. Over on the Okemo side near Healdville there are a few tricky spots. There was a washout that Rich fixed up as best he could and some bigger water bars but we just need more snow. There might be some snow squalls today that could give us an inch or 2. Check out area club trail reports as some areas had issues with flooding, etc.

Thanks to all who went to our Safety Check Day yesterday. You've made it a success!

Check out the pictures -> Apologies if I missed your picture. My phone battery kept dying in the cold.

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