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Trail Report, Saturday, 3/16/19 with afternoon update...

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Saturday afternoon update.... We got out on North Hill. Trails in the area are thin with bare and icy spots but there are certainly pockets of good cover. Chance you can come across a water hazard. But definitely rideable and passable. Higher elevations are holding up better. Still worth getting out there. Ride 'em while you got him. Today's ride was still great. Calvin Coolidge is still a good time. Here's how things look on North Hill near Nelson Rd...

Saturday morning post:

Temps have cooled off a bit and it's a bit breezy. Preliminary thoughts are that it looks like we made it through the rain and warm weather with a trail system. We lost a good bit of snow the past couple of days but the view from my window is still white. We did not go on the trails yesterday because it was so slushy and we didn't want to wreck the trail. We'll be assessing the trails today but, in the meanwhile, I would suspect that there are water bars and areas of thin cover or even possibly bare spots but it seems like the trails are passable. If you see muddy/bare/thin spots, please tread lightly as we do not want to damage landowner property. Higher elevations are probably best. Will keep ya posted!

Sugaring season has started!

Anyone going to see Spin Doctors at Jackson Gore/Okemo tonight?

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