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Trail Report 12/16/18 - Opening Day!

The volunteer team has done a TREMENDOUS job these past 2 weeks clearing trees, putting up signs and grooming the whole trail system. Simply amazing! THANK YOU, Volunteers! Trails have early season conditions. Do yourself and your sled a favor and take it easy and take it slow. There are lots of areas of thin cover and hazards. Over on trail 7N from RD78 to Healdville Station there are heavy water bars. Use extreme caution. Extreme early season conditions on the south side of the trail system. Trails may set up tonight a bit as temps drop. Watch out for ice. Higher elevations fare better and have more snow.

Some trail changes this year...

1) Watch out for a (hopefully temporary) minor reroute on 127B near Nelson Rd not too far from WR42. There is a small portion where we have to hop out onto Nelson road for a bit to get around some debris in the trail. Word is the debris will be removed soon. Follow the signs carefully.

2) 127A near Preedom Hill and the feeder trail down to town has a reroute. We are off the road there now and remain in the woods.

3) Other area towns have more reroutes. It may pay to check their trail reports, too.

Have fun & think snow!

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