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Trail Nomination Time :)

It's nearing the end of the season and it is trail award nomination time. All of the trails in the area have been outstanding this year. But if Ludlow was your favorite, I know a few Ludlow groomer operators who would LOVE to get best groomed trails this year. There were so many comments from you that said what a great season it was... that was awesome to hear. Love getting pics and comments from you. Another great way to show your gratitude would be to spend a few moments filling out the "Trails Awards Nomination" form on by April 1st (we're not being too subtle are we lol). There are online forms and also pdfs you can download if you want to mail it in.

There was a trail report video from Rich Letourneau on March 8th (below) which is good at summarizing a lot of year and the dedication of the Ludlow Side Hill Croncher volunteers. The groomer operator he is talking about is Bernie Ellison. Sorry I cannot get the videos from FB to play a little better.

Thank you!!!!

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