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Preliminary Trail Report, Friday, 1/25/19

10:35AM Update from Rich:

I will be going out tonight to groom we had some mechanical issues this thank you Brett Sanderson for getting us up and going we planned on waiting 24 hours for water to be absorbed through snow use caution at this time for open water that may have opened back up we will do our best to get everything filled back in. Please report any issues you may find so they can be addressed

Thanks, Rich & Brett!


Preliminary report from 9:00AM...

Yesterday's rain has come and gone. This isn't the official trail report since not sure if anyone has been out there yet but just giving you the scoop based on what's in my yard for now. Good news is that we still have a 'foot-ish' amount of snow that is soft since temps haven't dropped that much yet. Guessing the snow will turn to rock overnight when temps drop which could cause some sleds to overheat tomorrow. There is flooding and ice damming going on in Cavendish on car route131 and there might be flooding on the trail in Weatherfield. You should keep checking in with those clubs as well for their updates. I imagine we have waterbar issues as well, especially in the Healdville section on the Okemo side. Since trails will most likely freeze up tonight, please be careful not to leave ruts in the snow today as we don't want to have the trails freeze up that way.

Safety Check Day is a 'go' for tomorrow from 10AM-1PM. Come on over to the Hut and grab a free hot dog and some hot cocoa and get your sled inspected by the Windsor County deputies while you're prepared. You can also enter the 50/50 raffle. Check out our events for more details. See you there!

I'll give a more official report as soon as I hear from one of the gang. They are out grooming and checking trails in the Hut area this morning.

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