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Ever Want to Thank a Landowner? Here's Your Chance...

Ever want to personally thank a landowner but didn’t know how? Here’s your chance!

Let's show landowners the impact they have on our lives. As you know, they are the foundation of our sport. It would be awesome if we could compile a bunch of personal experiences we had snowmobiling that really made a ‘precious moment’ for you or a memorable experience or enhanced a friendship or built a love for the outdoors… you get the gist. Just a sentence or two. Pictures are welcome, too! We would like to assemble your thank yous by April 14th and will send out as a mailing to the landowners. If you include your city/state we can show them the range of people they affect, too. You can give us your landowner thank you via a comment to this post, a FB message, a message via our, or email Let’s show them how much impact they make and how much gratitude we have. Thank you!

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