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5/3/20- Second Winner!

Updated: May 4, 2020

And the winner is....... Erik of Ridge, NY! Congratulations, Erik! Erik has kindly donated back half of his winnings. He wants $25 to go to BRGN and $25 to the club. Thanks, Erik! That's awesome!

Thank you all for participating in our Virtual Poker Run. With the generosity of people like you, we are generating some good $ for the Black River Good Neighbor Food Bank and helping families in the Ludlow, Cavendish, Mount Holly, Plymouth, Belmont and Proctorsville areas. So far, we have $400 raised for BRGN. Great job, everyone!

Here's a pic of all the hands. Hand #2 (Erik's) won with a Full House.

Game #3 is starting up! Just 25 people allowed per game so your odds are pretty good! As of 1:50PM on 5/3 we have 5 hands dealt. Another 20 to go...

Good luck and thanks again!

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