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FunRaiser Virtual Poker Run

Croncher Power Activate!

5/9/20 - The Game Has Completed.

We have raised a whopping $1,215 for BRGN!

MANY THANKS to all of the participants!

We couldn't have done it without your outstanding generosity!

Let's face it. Snowmobilers are a pretty awesome set of people. Together we do great things. We like to help out, heck we maintain a statewide set of trails as volunteers (wow!).  And we definitely like to have fun. Let's put the 2 together and activate our powers.


During this very daunting time in history, there are a lot of people in our community who have lost their jobs and are struggling to get food and pay bills.  Black River Good Neighbors (BRGN) right in Ludlow does a great job helping them.  We want to invite you to support them and the families.  Here's how...

Virtual Poker Run!

How to Play


1) Click the "PLAY NOW!" button

2) Buy a hand of 5 cards for $10 using your credit card

3) Checkout your cart

4) We'll email you a picture of your 5 cards

5) After 25 hands are done, the round closes and we give $100 to the best poker hand

6) We will notify the winner!



After each of the 25 hands the breakout is:

Winner  $100

Black River Good Neighbor $100

Side Hill Cronchers $50

(the club will pay the credit card charges with it and put extra towards club expenses)

Congrats to our winners!

Randy - Game #1

Erik - Game #2

Michelle - Game #3

Missy - Game #4


This is being done by volunteers with day jobs so you may not get your hand emailed immediately.  We will send it within a few minutes to a few hours.

We'll keep playing at least until Friday, May 8, or until we reach 25 hands.

We will go from there if there is interest.

If time is up and we do not reach 25 hands, we will just pick a winner and give the %.

We are pulling the cards from 3 decks so 'strange' hands such as 5 of a kind may appear.  We will rely on our judges to make the call as to who is the winner.

If you don't want to play, but just want to donate to Black River Good Neighbor, you can click on the DONATE ONLY button.

Tip: You can put multiple 'products' in your cart, then check out once.

E.g. play a couple of hands and do a "donate only", then check out.

Poker Hands

Amount Raised


Click on BRGN logo below to find out more about them

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