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2/6/2021-Trail Report

One word. EXCELLENT! Groomers were out working their magic. Okemo side was groomed by Joey last night. The North Hill side was groomed this morning by Bernie. All Ludlow trails are done. Thank you groomers and landowners! Looks like a great day ahead.

It is VT Free weekend so you may see extra sleds on the trail today. Remember to ride right, stay on the trail and keep your speed down. Last weekend there were people ripping it up in the field by the Warming Hut and down by the landowner's house. There were also reports of people riding off trail by the pine trees near Nelson Rd. It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay on the trail. We have a good thing. Let's not mess it up.

Also reminders that the Warming Hut is closed for now due to Covid restrictions. Porta Potties are still available there for you. Also that the Ludlow Country Store (Squeals on Wheels) was sold so there is no gas there.

Photos from Joey last night...

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