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2/25/2022-Trail Report

Snow! We have maybe 6-8" of new snow so far and it's still coming down pretty good. Trails are OPEN with thin cover. There will NOT be any grooming tonight as there is a lot of glare ice right underneath the fluffy snow and foresee a lot of winching if we go out now. Conditions will re-assessed in the morning when hopefully there are a few more inches to work with. We'll send out another report when we there is more info.

If you do go out tonight, please be careful of the ice and rocks you cannot see. Slow down and watch for hazards. Would be great if you message us if you see any downed trees, etc.

Update: WARNING: We got report from a rider that the glare ice underneath is treacherous in some areas. It will be difficult to get up some hills and easy to lose control going downhill and possible to 'lose it' in a turn. Studded tracks are highly recommended.

Be safe!

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