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2/10/2021-Trail Report

Volunteer groomer operator, Bernie, was at it again to bring you awesome smoothness. Yesterday he did North Hill (minus the access trail down to East Lake Rd and the feeder trail to Darcy's). Today he smoothed out the Okemo side. With the additional couple of inches of snow, trails are in good shape! He does have a message to tell people to slow down. He had 2 separate incidents where sledders almost hit the groomer.

It is important to ride within your ability, ride in control, stay right, slow down and ride like a groomer may be right around the corner. Grooming can occur at any hour. Trails are also busier than normal. Thank you.


  • The Warming Hut is temporarily closed due Covid restrictions. Porta potties are there for you.

  • Ludlow Country Store/Deli is closed so no easy access to gas in Ludlow.

John's picture from last week... it's a cool pic so I wanted to use it again (it still looks like this) :)

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