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12/7/2020-Delays at DMV and VAST TMAs

Below is an email from Cindy Locke at VAST...
Hi Club leaders and VAST Board of Directors. As many of you know, VT DMV is backlogged with folks making appointments to register new snowmobiles. We have been telling those people to go ahead and buy their Early Bird TMA and when they get to the page where they need to upload their registration, they should upload a copy of their appointment conformation from DMV, or their registration application. We would then hold their TMA until they get their real registration and then send them their TMA. After further thought, we have decided to just go ahead and mail these TMAs out, so when they do get their real registration they can just go ahead and ride and not wait for us. So feel free to share this with your clubs: If you have an appointment with VT DMV after December 15th for a new or used snowmobile that you have just bought, or you have a spring order you are waiting to come in, you can do the following to purchase your Early Bird (EB) TMA from VAST before December 15th. Instead of uploading the registration you will eventually get from DMV VAST will accept the following:
  1. An email or scanned letter conformation from VT DMV that you have an appointment.

  2. A temporary VT registration.

  3. A copy of your snowmobile purchase order from the dealer you are buying the snowmobile from.

Getting a TMA from VAST before you have your final VT registration from DMV does not mean you are legally allowed to ride in VT, unless you have specific permission from DMV stating that you can and carry that in writing with you. This would be up to you to get from DMV if something like that actually does exist! VAST does not provide VT DMV registration information, appointments, temporary statues, etc. Cindy Locke Executive Director Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) 802-229-0005 ext. 11

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