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12-27-2022-Trail Report with 2PM Update

Good news is we still have a base. Bad news is trails are still closed. Some of the trails on North Hill (127A/127B) have been scoped out near the Warming Hut and Pinnacle Rock area. Trails there range from rough to rougher. There's stashes of fluff but also lots of hidden dangers like rocks, buried and unburied branches, trees, long stretches of glare ice. You can for the most part get by anything but anything above a putt putt is not a good idea. More scoping of other trails will happen today. Officially, trails are still closed but if you are dying to get out there, it could be helpful if you ride around slowly and carefully to look for downed trees and branches and remove what you can and let us know how it went. If you find something you are not comfortable with removing, please contact the club so we can take care of it. With Christmas and some of the crew being sick, extra eyes on the trail would be beneficial to make sure we can get grooming without issues when the timing is right. With the warm up and rain the end of the week, it isn't looking good for the trails to be open this weekend but time will tell. Keep thinking snow!

2PM Update-Trails over in town (trail 127) over across Route 100 and into the back of Okemo were scoped out. The trails overall are in rough shape and not safe enough to open. We do not need any help scoping out the trails for now. Unfortunately, we need to stay off them until more snow.

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