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12/20/2020-Trail Report

Things are really starting to shape up now. Shall we dare to say SWEET? It's a great start for early season. The first passes on the trail the other day were simply to try and pack it down a little. Last night, Bernie was able to get out on the Okemo side (trails 127 & 7) with the drag and pull in some snow and pack it down. He said trails came out great. Early this morning, Andrew left to hit up the North Hill side of the trails (127A, B, C). I'm sure he is working his magic over there. Thank you, Bernie and Andrew for spending so much time out there for us! Continue to ride with caution as there could be a lot of traffic and the snow still soft. You can still encounter deep water bars and rocks. Have fun! Send us pics of your adventures in this epic snow.

Pic from this morning on North Hill....

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