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12-18-2022 Trail Report Okemo

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Grooming is making progress! Yesterday afternoon and into the evening, the back of Okemo was groomed (west side of car route 103 trails 127 and 7). Going through town and lower elevations have some hazards like rocks and water bars and not as much snow. But once you leave town and cross car route 100, and into the higher elevations, the trails get pretty snowy. Billy and John were out there for 12 hours since it was slow going and there were lots of trees down (thanks, guys!). They filled in the water bars on the back of Okemo (since more snow than around town). Snow is over 2 feet on the Okemo side. The North Hill side of trails (127A & 127B, etc) are ungroomed as of last night. When the gang sends me the report for North Hill, I'll be sure to send that out as well. Stay tuned! Take it easy and be safe!

Note: Pics are not indicative of what it looks like everywhere. These are from the back of Okemo. Town and lower elevations are not as snowy and have more hazards.

12/19/2022 Edit: Warning! There are hidden rocks. Please ride with caution. There is snow but it is still early season riding.

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