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12/18/2020-Trail Report

We ended up with 40+ inches of snow yesterday. Pretty epic! Thank you winter storm Gail! Andrew was out last night. He packed down the North Hill area (127A, 127B, 127C). Big thank you to Andrew! There is a lot of snow so it will take a while to get all the trails done. I am not sure if all gates are open but they are on North Hill. Will let you know when I hear back. If you go out, make sure you are careful, especially in the ungroomed areas. Obstacles may be hidden and there is a good chance of getting stuck. Pack a shovel and a chainsaw if you do go to those areas and please let us know if you see any downed trees. We're working hard to get you in good shape for the weekend. Stay tuned!

9:30AM update:

The snow is a bit tricky since there is so much. Andrew is back out there working on the Okemo side. He is attempting to pack it down without the drag as the first pass.

P.S. Reminder the Warming Hut is closed for now. There is a porta potty there for you.

Here is a pic from Andrew last night and a pic of a piece of 127B.

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