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12-16-2023 - First Trail Report

Welcome to the first trail report of 2023/2024 season! Our volunteers have been going into overdrive getting the trails ready for you. As you know, there were a bunch of extra challenges this year with the July flood and the work the volunteers have been doing is impressive. Thank you, volunteers!

While we do have white on the ground, it is only a couple of inches, melting fast, and not enough to groom or open trails. In the meantime, we do have some things we want you to know about before hitting the trails. Good news is all trails, except the “Darcy” trail are planned to be open. Read on for more details…

Couple of Small Reroutes:

1.      Corridor 127, in the “South Hill Area” near South Hill Cross Rd, there was a small reroute of a few hundred feet to go around a new building. The landowners are awesome and are letting us continue to use their property. Please follow the new trail.

2.      Corridor 127 at DeRoo Lane, south of WR45, before it crosses car Route 103 (across from the water treatment plant) in town was slightly rerouted. There is also new snow fencing in that area at the Route 103 crossing. It is a SENSITIVE area. Please stay on the trail, do not loiter there or litter or blast out with loud pipes. If we lose that part of the trail, it will be difficult to recover.

Flood Damage Update:

1.      Trails 127A,B: Volunteers have taken care of the flood damage in the areas of Corridors 127A,B and over on 127 near Highland Views and they are in good shape.

2.      Okemo. Corridor 127: There are washouts on the back of Okemo where we need excavator work, but, as you know, it was difficult to schedule that work since there were higher priorities in the town of Ludlow. By the time we got on the calendar, it was November and there has been snow on the ground since, making the excavator work dangerous. We will do our best to fill the washouts with snow. Most aren’t too bad but some of the washouts where the water bars are at the bottom of hills can be a little deep and you’ll have to ride with extra caution.

3.      Bridges 4&5: Good news is most of our bridges held up during the flood. On corridor 127 near car route 100S, 2 bridges were damaged. Volunteers rocked the repairs on bridge 5 on 12/15 and 12/16. Bridge 4 is on the radar of an excavating crew and we are gratefully that. The goal is to have both in good shape by the time trails open. These are critical bridges as they connect one side of our trail system to the other and we are making it a top priority.

4.      The “Darcy” Trail is closed: The feeder trail off of 127A (kind of near WR45) that goes down to Route 103 in town goes to nowhere at the moment and will be closed. The restaurants the trail leads to are closed this season as they were severely damaged in the flood (e.g. Darcy’s, Sam’s Steakhouse, Subway and the Timber Inn are closed). The trail has some washouts that will get repaired for next season when hopefully, it will lead to some open restaurants.

Overall trail news:

In addition, all the usual brush hogging, debrushing and signage is done. Warming Hut is prepped, wood stacked, and Porta Potty is in place. We’ve been busy getting the trails in shape for you so hopefully you can enjoy them soon! We are working on a Safety Check Day for Jan 13th. Pencil it in! We will confirm as we get closer.

Calcutta’s is open for food and gas.

As with all trails in Vermont, please ride carefully. Even trails that you know well may have changed a bit. Ride alert and ride them like you’ve never been on them before. Please keep safe out there.

As always, reach out with any questions via FB messenger or our website or email

Very many thanks to all who have supported us! Stay tuned for updates!

Happy Holidays!

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