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1/31/2021-Trail Report

Last trail report for January is good! Andrew did the Okemo side last night and Bernie did North Hill this morning. Thanks, guys! Andrew's words sum it up well..."Trails are looking nice! Filled in some weak spots and leveled some corners. People need to slow down. Found a lot of debris on the trail."

Definitely there are a lot of riders who ride within their ability levels, ride on right and ride at a safe speed and we are thankful for that. We need everyone to be like that. Out on the trail yesterday was a bit busy and there were people who were zooming too fast for sure. It's a dangerous sport and you need to be prepared for what's coming up around the corner. A person out of control can certainly kill yourself or someone else.

Also, STAY ON THE TRAILS!!!!!!! Can't say this enough. Over by the Warming Hut it was disheartening that there were people riding all over the fields and right up to the landowners' windows!!!! THAT IS NOT COOL! And can certainly lead us to losing a very important piece of trail. Won't even mention that there were people in the Warming Hut when it was clearly posted as closed. Understandably, it was more than cold out so it might have been an urgent case but please respect the Hut and the trails and the landowners. Be kind, be considerate, treat it with the respect you would if it belonged to your best friend. If you don't, it is like spitting in the face the landowners and all of the hard working volunteers. The phrase "riding is a privilege not a right" cannot be emphasized enough.

Fully appreciate all of the great riders out there who respect it all. Thank you.

Bernie's pic from this morning by the Warming Hut. Let's do the right thing so we can keep it.

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