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1/20/20- Caution Tree Down

Got a note from Arjavich Family yesterday afternoon: Tree down on the loop trail between the warming hut and pinnacle point. We trimmed what we could with our hand saw. Sleds can pass, the groomer will not.

Thank you, Arjavich's for helping out your snowmobiling family! We will be scoping it out today and will hopefully have it taken care of by this afternoon. In the meanwhile, keep on the lookout for a tree in the trail and/or volunteers taking care of it.

General conditions: Trails are very low on snow so groomer will not be going out. Take it easy out there. Lots of rocks, water bars, you get the picture. It's early season, so if you see any debris or issues in the trail, please help us take care of it or report it via FB or email Having your eyes on the trails is super helpful. Thank you!

Noontime update: Tree is now cleared :)

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