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03-17-2023-Trail Report

3/18 update…East Lake Rd access trail will be done this morning.

Mint is the word. Happy St. Patty's Day! Trails by Highland Views on North Hill were wrapped up yesterday. Today, Bernie & Mike went out on the Okemo side (127) (thanks, guys!). Trails took a little longer since it was the first time on Okemo since the storm. On a good day the Okemo grooming loop takes 9-10 hours so those who stopped their sleds to clear trees and branches ahead of time, it certainly is appreciated. Bernie & Mike cleared up some trees and did the grooming. The snow is deep up in the elevations. Look at the picture of the bridge and you'll see the snow is up as high as the railing. Since it is spring and sort of warm out, the water bars are still out but trails are in decent shape overall. Lots of people out on the soft snow and the rain tonight so, hopefully, the trails won't mogul up. Be careful on the edges of the trails as they can pull you in. The East Lake Road trail is not done yet but will be done this weekend, most likely Sunday morning. The feeder trail down to Subway, Darcy's and Sam's may not get done since it is too warm. Also be careful at the bottom of that trail since it tends to collect water and be swampy. The trail to Calcutta's is groomed.

And how cool is this.... the Giorgio crew rode by the Warming Hut today and saw it was still snowed in. They took it upon themselves to shovel it all out. Way to go! Thank you! We will have complimentary hot cocoa set up at the Hut this weekend.


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