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03-11-2023-Trail Report

Okemo side (127) was groomed last night by Joey & Chad. Thanks, guys! Report from the Okemo side is that in town and South Hill are thin with a few water bars opening up. West Hill and behind Okemo are pretty great all considering. Higher elevations and shadier areas are doing better than lower elevations and full sun locations as you would expect.

Lunch/Dinner ideas:

The Cook Shack in Cavendish will be open this weekend (yum!). Open 11-2. WR43 at Trail 12 and Trail 126C.

Touch of Peace Farm off of 127 on South Hill will have hot dogs, hamburgers, sloppy joes from 12-7.

Calcutta's, Darcy's and Sam's in Ludlow are offering a free appetizer to people who ride in. Check their hours to see who's open for lunch vs dinner. Be careful at the bottom of the feeder trail to Darcy's/Sam's as there may be some water there if it is warm.

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1 Comment

Jeanne Fox
Jeanne Fox
Mar 11, 2023

Thank you, today is the day, first time going out this year!😎

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