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03/06/2021-Game On Trail Report

Trails are flat with just enough on top to hopefully keep your sleds cool. We are starting to see spring conditions so watch out for springtime hazards. Overall, Ludlow trails are great considering the weather. Thank you, Joey & Ashley for grooming Okemo (127, 7) last night and to Bernie for grooming North Hill (127A,B,C) this morning!

Hint: Look for the blue signs on the trails and you may win $ or a cool beanie hat! You don't have to do the scavenger hunt to play the Charity 50/50 raffle / Scavenger Hunt BUT it does increase your odds!

We are joining forces with Jacks Drive 55 raising $ for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. See how you can play with us! Good Luck! THANK YOU to all those who have played so far!

Jack's said trails are great! Plus some great pics from Ashley. Looking good!

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