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Croncher/JD55 Charity Scavenger Hunt

& 50/50 Raffle

Croncher Power Activate!


Winners announced!

See the winner news here

Thank YOU to all of the participants. Especially the kids :)

Let's face it. Snowmobilers are a pretty awesome set of people. Together we do great things.

We like to help out, heck we maintain a statewide set of trails as volunteers (wow!).  And we definitely like to have fun. Let's put the 2 together and activate our powers.


You may have seen our Member Spotlight on Tony Giorgio and JD55 (Jack's Drive 55). We wanted to bring more awareness to JD55 and what they are doing for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and thought a Charity Scavenger Hunt was a fun way to do it. Have fun + help kids = Awesome!


Charity Scavenger Hunt

& 50/50 Raffle

2/27 noon - 3/7 11:59PM

50/50 Raffle Added!

How to Play


All entrants will be in the 50/50 raffle

$5 for 1 ticket in 50/50

No need to scavenger hunt


E.g. Those that get the correct Scavenger Hunt sentences (or at least the 10 correct words), will get two 50/50 raffle tickets for each $5 entry entered.

If you are not doing Scavenger Hunt and just want to do 50/50 just scroll down to PLAY HERE.

TO Play Scavenger Hunt:

1) Look for signs on the Ludlow trails (see below for what they look like).

Hint1: They will mostly be near or in intersections and will be posted by 2/27 noon.


2) Flip the sign over and look for "the word".

Hint2: You can take a picture of it if you don't want to have to remember it.


3) Collect all 10 words and make 2 sentences out of them.

Hint3: The North Hill side has a complete set and so does the Okemo side.

Hint4: The sentences were pulled from the Member Spotlight.


4) Once you have all 10 words submit them by clicking on PLAY HERE box. All those with a valid set of words will be get 2 entries in the 50/50 raffle for each $5.


5) Entries will be accepted until Sunday, March 7 11:59PM. You can enter as many times as you wish.


6) We will do the drawings the week of 3/8.

7) We will notify the winners!

8) Proceeds will be sent to JD55 to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

PLUS the Side Hill Cronchers will do a 50% match up to $500!


We will have one 50/50 winner plus 10 runner up winners, each getting the mighty fine beanie hat below. Has the JD55 and SHC logos:


Below is the sign you're looking for on the trails on blue paper...


...on the back you will find your word you need to collect


Click on one or both of the products below and add them to your cart. There will be a place to put in your 10 words later on.

Tip: You can put multiple 'products' in your cart, then check out once.

E.g. enter the Scavenger Hunt Raffle and do a "donate only", then check out.

Click HERE for pictures and on the logos below to find out more about them


THANK YOU for making a difference!

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