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02-25-2023-Thank you Jack's Drive 55 for Matching Our Donation to Kurn Hattin Homes!

When Jack's Drive 55 found out that the Side Hill Cronchers were donating to the Kurn Hattin Homes, they didn't hesitate to match it. Thank you Jack's Drive 55! Now the donation is doubled which is fantastic!

What is the Kurn Hattin Homes? This is taken from their website, ...

"Founded in 1894, Kurn Hattin is a charitable residential home and school for children ages 5-15 whose families are experiencing a period of need or instability. While children come to Kurn Hattin for many different reasons, our goal is to provide every child a safe, caring place where they can learn, play, grow, and experience the joy of childhood.

Open year-round, our beautiful 280-acre campus in the Southern Vermont countryside offers plenty of fresh air and space for children to play outdoors and enjoy a range of activities from sports, to horseback riding, to swimming, hiking, and more.

Children also learn responsibility and cooperation helping to grow vegetables and caring for the animals on the Kurn Hattin farm."

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