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02/17/20- Trail Report

"Good night to be laying it down with Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club!" as quoted by Jarrett.

10 1/2 hrs 51 miles later (another quote from Jarrett)...he is done grooming the trails. Thank you, Jarrett for making the trails super fun for us today! Love the picture, too!

The trails are in good shape considering how little snow we have. Be careful as there are still areas of thin cover, ice, and water bars to watch out for but overall trails are holding up. Been hearing about a lot of close calls and saw at least 2 wrapped up in a tree this weekend. Please slow it down and ride within your abilities. We want us all to make it home safely.

Hope you can get out there! There might be some snow in the forecast for Tuesday. Think SNOW! We don't want that nasty rain.

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