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02-04-2024 Trail Report

Yesterday afternoon/evening was a very special "grooming." Bernie took Jack out for his first groomer training session and he is a natural! Great job, guys! What makes it more substantial and fabulous is that Jack is doing so well and is growing up and living life. Jack is the Jack behind Jack's Drive 55 and has been through a lot. We have done fund raising with him and his family before to help raise money for helping children with brain tumors. "We are stronger together than we are alone" is one of their mottos. It certainly applies to the snowmobiling spirit and to what it takes to keep our trails going on a volunteer basis. Thank you, Jack and Bernie, for grooming and for inspiring us!

Trail report is similar to yesterday. Bernie and Jack did Okemo side last night (127, 7) and the North Hill side is being groomed this morning. Trails are still looking good. Do watch out and proceed with caution as pesky water bars are coming out, trying to fill them in, but they will be there.

Food in the area: Cook Shack in Cavendish is open today (gluten/dairy-free options!). So is Touch of Peace Farm on South Hill, Calcutta's (also has gas), and the Warming Hut has free hot cocoa, free calendars and a porta potty. What more could you need! Plus, today looks beautiful out. Enjoy it while you got it!

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