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01-26-2024 - Trail Report

This week was wet, warm and sloppy. And nobody likes that. A bit icy, too, for a nice topper. Grooming is on hold until cooler temps. Snow is spring-like and melted a bit. Good news is we still have coverage, trails are still open. Cooler weather is coming and maybe even a bit of snow so we should be back to grooming soon. Bad news is conditions could be better. Look for the usual stuff like rocks, ice running water, small ponding, and downed trees. With the weather, we haven't been able to get out and assess all the trails. If you do go out, please be our eyes and report any issues.

Warming Hut will be stocked with hot cocoa.

Look at the VAST map before heading out as some of the neighboring trails may be closed.

Our Safety Check Day for Saturday, 1/27, is going to be postponed. Stay tuned for the new date and details!

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