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01-26-2023-Trail Report

Bernie and Bill groomed the parts of North Hill (127A, 127B and 127 by WR45 and WR46) today that were not done yesterday (thanks, guys!). Trails groomed were the feeder down to Darcy's, the lake trail, the trail to Calcutta's and the Highland Views area.

Okemo side and down in town remains ungroomed but will get done soon. We're aiming to have trails groomed by the probably going to be very busy weekend. Not only are trails open finally, it is also ride Vermont weekend for $25.

Trails on North Hill should set up tonight. Yesterday, we got about 5" of snow followed by rain so it flattened out to maybe 3" and was very soft today. Tonight things are freezing up. Tomorrow should be a little frozen, maybe a bit icy with early season riding conditions. Could be rocks and thin cover in areas and it may be decent in others. The cold will hopefully freeze up some of the water bars.

Keep right and think snow!

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