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01-09-2024-Event & Trail Update

Updated: Jan 13

Hi All! Keep your snow dances up! Snow on the "barby" is deep. We got about a foot of snow the other day and it is snowing now. Since it was on bare ground, and was somewhat on the fluffy side, it wasn't enough to groom. Trails remain closed for now, but hopefully we are headed in the right direction. We will see how the week goes.

Also, we have to work on bridge 4 on Corridor 127 near car Route 100S. M&M Excavating did the excavation this week we needed to stop the river from flowing over the bridge, and lifted it up (thank you, M&M!). Now, we have the bridge in a place where we can work on it. We scouted out the work needed today and are planning on a Trail Work Day this Sunday, 1/14 at 9AM. Meet at the bridge (go to Route 100S just south of the Ludlow Transfer Station, on the left if you're heading south). If you recall, a few weeks ago, we worked on the nearby bridge 5, bridge 4 is the last bridge we need to do flood repair on.

This week, the team did a lot of work cleaning up damage from the December mini-flood, and went above and beyond, but there are some more minor washouts and such. Which is another reason why more snow is needed so we can smooth out the trails a little better. Volunteers were on the back of Okemo working to help the trails be easier to navigate, but they are by no means perfect. Some culverts on the North Hill side were opened back up since they had gotten clogged. Unexpected repair was done to Bridge 1. When trails do open, caution will be key on a lot of Vermont trails. In our area caution is needed especially on the Okemo area trails on Corridor 127. Ride them like you've never been on them before as there could be some changes you are not used to, and areas that are less than desirable, such as deep culverts and small washout areas. The "Darcy Trail" will be closed for now, too. There are some treacherous spots and the restaurants it leads to, such as Darcy's, Sam's Steakhouse, and Subway are closed due to flood damage. Check out our events below:


  • Safety Check Day scheduled originally for Saturday, 1/13 is now penciled in for Saturday, 1/27.

  • Club Meeting on Saturday, 1/13 will be at the home of the Murphy's at 10AM.

  • Trail Work Day on Saturday, 1/14. Meet at Bridge 4 at 9AM. We appreciate your help!

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