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Trail are Open, Thursday 1/10/19

Trails are open! Andrew groomed Okemo last night and got the water bars filled in (thanks, Andrew!). Overall, the Okemo trails came out pretty good with the snow we have and the water bars were filled in. We got maybe 8" in the upper elevations over the past couple days. Hard to tell since it is pretty windy. Sorry if I overstated it in yesterday's report. Lower elevations have less snow and parts of the trail system are still ungroomed (east side of 103). Be careful out there and go slow since you may hit unexpected conditions, water bars, ungroomed trails and low snow (especially in areas near town). All trails are expected to be groomed by the weekend.

Another word of caution is that there will be logging starting sometime in January on the feeder trail off of 127A (near Preedom Hill) that goes into town (Route 103). Keep a lookout.

This is a link to Andrew's video from last night (pic of it below). His awesome video is on the club's Facebook page. Maybe this link will work?

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