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5/20/20- SHC Gives Check to BRGN

Black River Good Neighbors (BRGN) Food Shelf and Services continuously does a great job helping families in our area. When the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club found out that BRGN’s big fundraiser, the Annual Spring Rummage Sale, had to be cancelled, they decided to try to help raise funds for them. A traditional fundraiser for snowmobile clubs is the Poker Run event where people go from place to place collecting cards to build a good poker hand. Since that was not possible with the current state of things, the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers slightly modified this traditional event and created their very first Virtual Poker Run online. Happily, it was more successful than imagined and raised $1,215 for BRGN! On May 20th some members of the Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Snowmobile Club were able to present to a check to BRGN. Thank you so much to all of the generous participants!

The picture came out a little awkward since we weren't so sure how to do it with masks on and trying to stay socially distant lol. But the important thing is, with your help, our club was able to give BRGN little $ boost. In the picture from left to right is Rick Yuris (SHC), Ron Bixby (SHC), Krey Kellington,(BRGN) Tina Berge (SHC) and Kevin Berge (SHC). Cindy Yuris was there taking the picture.

Thanks again!

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