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4/8/2020- Need your help

Hi fellow Cronchers, IMPORTANT! We need your help.  As you know, this is a team sport and you're part of the team.   There have been several reports of wheeled vehicles (four wheelers, 4 WD jeeps, trucks, etc) on our snowmobile trails.  We ask that you help us (which helps us all) to discourage this activity. Snowmobile trails are mostly private property.  The landowners only agreed to have snowmobiles on their trails when there was frozen ground and snow.  They did not sign up to have people wheeling through their property and causing damage.  Doing so causes a lot of bad things to happen such as: * getting the landowners angry and permanently closing the trails * expensive repairs that are time consuming and draining on the clubs and volunteers * give the rider a $ ticket as patrols are increasing on the VAST trails We know people are getting cabin fever with the quarantine going on, but it is not acceptable to ruin landowner property.  We respectfully ask you not to partake in this activity and if you know of others who are, please try and discourage them. Losing the trails over some people being bored is just not worth it.  Gates are closed for a reason.  Reach out to VASA if you'd like to know more about 4 wheeling the proper way.  We are all outdoor people, and that is very important at this time, but we must do it in a safe and respectful manner.  Snowmobilers are a great breed and together we do great things.  THANK YOU! P.S. This is a link about patrols increasing on VAST trails:

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