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3/10/2021-Winners Announced!

Big HUGE THANK YOU to all who participated in our Side Hill Croncher / Jack's Drive 55 Charity 50/50 Raffle Scavenger Hunt! It was a great success! The biggest part of the success was hearing about how it influenced kids to want to help other kids. Love it!

The total in the 50/50 pot was $1,005 (including a $500 match from the Side Hill Cronchers). The straight donations were $710. The grand prize was half of the 50/50 pot = $502.50.

Congratulations to the grand prize winner, Jake Latusek, and his family. They generously donated their winnings back. He had his 5 year old twin boys, Christopher and Benjamin, on the phone and they said they wanted to donate back to help the sick kids. How awesome is that?! That spirit, and having fun while doing it, is more important than anything.

With the Latuseks generously donating back their winnings, the total donated to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation was $1,715!

Jack Giorgio also was actively out there scouting the trails and helping out and having a good time as well. Ashley Petersen was out there, too! Awesome!

Congratulations to the 10 winners of the beanie hats:

Susan Riveiro

Michelle Doyle

Erik Petersen

Janice Rosado

Maria Lella

Landon & Owen Perrino

John Hansen

Paul Haynes

Jeremiah Crean

Ron Bixby

Thank you to the gang that put the fundraiser together!

So, all in all, the best part of the fundraiser was the kids and their spirit. Got some pics of Jake, Christopher, Benjamin Latusek, Jack Giorgio, and Ashley Petersen and Tim Doyle (putting up signs), Ashley Berge (showcasing signs while out grooming). Great job!

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