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2/8/20- Trail Report

Groomer is out! Whoot! First time of the season and first time ever in the new groomer! It has been out since 6:00 a.m. with Bernie and Andrew taking the maiden voyage. They will transfer over to Rich around 10:30. The groomer is new to the guys so give them plenty of space if you see them. Snap some photos, I'd love it if you send some photos to us. It is a historic day :) Over the past 24 hours we got 6'ish inches of snow on top of the few we got earlier. Keep in mind that there is a layer of ice in between as there was a bunch of freezing rain in between the snow fall. We have more snow than last week but it is still early season conditions with possible rocks, water bars, etc. Proceed with caution as you may also encounter ungroomed trails and downed trees. The trees are covered with ice and snow and are weighed down hanging low in the trail. There are a few volunteers heading out on the Okemo side ahead of the groomer looking for trees in the way. If you see any downed trees please report them to us. If you can help to clear them that would be appreciated. Thank you, volunteers, for getting out there for us! And thank you to all who helped us get the new groomer. The sun is out. Get out and enjoy! Let's get this season started!

This is a pic out my window. Better pics are coming later! Send us some of your own, too :)

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