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2/17/2021-Trail Report

Monday North Hill was groomed by Bernie, with Tina hopping a ride halfway through meeting up with Kevin near Preedom Hill to take care of a small tree. Last night Bernie & Kevin did the Okemo side. Monday night got a couple of inches of snow but then it turned into freezing rain into Tuesday morning/afternoon. Temps have dropped so even though the trails were groomed, you may see ice and hard pack snow.

Reminder: if you see a groomer has just gone by and the trails are not set up yet, please tread lightly. There were some on trail 127 on the Okemo side who trenched it up pretty good just after it was groomed. The groomer went over it again on the way back but it still may have some impact.

Looks like beautiful bluebird skies right now. Be safe and have fun.

Nice pic of Bernie...

Kevin & Bernie taking care of the small tree.

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