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1/29/2022-Trail Report

Joey & Jack groomed Highland Views and then the Okemo side (127 & 7) last night and Bernie was up early for you this morning grooming the North Hill side of the trails (127A, 127B, 127C). The access trail to East Lake Rd (127A F1) was not done. More snow is needed before the groomer can go down it.

Trail report of Okemo side in Joey's words..."Thin through town and South Hill. Okemo is decent. Few exposed rocks but mostly flat trails."

Trail report of North Hill in Bernie's words... "For the amount of snow we have, the trails are in good shape. Caution is warranted."

Thank you, Joey, Jack and Bernie!

Snow has started this morning. Dusting so far. Think Snow!!!!!

Joey was caught on Highland Views.

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