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01/26/20- Trail Report

I'm happy to report that last night's storm was a positive and not a negative meaning it wasn't all rain and it didn't erase all of our snow. In fact, it added a solid coating of snail (snow+hail) or is it snush (snow + slush) or maybe you can call it snice (snow + ice). Whatever it is, it is white. At this point, we'll take it! We are a little bit more white than we were yesterday. It's even snow flurrying right now. Okemo is reporting 2" but from where I am I am not sure it is even an inch. Must be an elevation thing. Please continue to ride with caution. There is not enough snow for grooming and there will be rocks, waterbars, etc.

There is a tree reported down on 127 in the area near Highland Views heading towards the Ludlow Country Store. We will be out there today to take care of it. Thank you, Kathryn Predom, for reporting it! It is very helpful to have many eyes on the scene... especially when the groomer isn't going out and we don't have many people on the trails right now to see what's out there. Much appreciated!

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